Brazil Ana Angelia Souza Rocha

medium roast:
Natural Brazil from producer Ana Angelia Souza Rocha
This nano lot took 2nd place - natural category - in the Chapada de Minas Contest:
A top end Brazilian profile with a fruity cocoa, complex and fruity, juicy, nutty, jammy.
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Join us on a journey of 6 unique competition coffees from the Chapada Minas region of Brazil!

One of our importers conducted a local competition among small farmers to compete with their best lots. These were top 6 highest scoring coffees in the region. These are single bag lots and we'll be listing through each, one by one.

Natural Brazil from producer Ana Angelia Souza Rocha:

A top end balanced Brazilian profile with fruited cocoa notes, juicy, nutty, jammy.


This nano lot took 2nd place - natural category - in the Chapada de Minas Contest. 

Producer: Ana Angelia Souza Rocha
Region: Chapada of Minas
Farm: Santa Catarina Farm
Location: Capelinha City
Altitude: 1050 meters above sea level (masl)
Varieties: Red Catuaí 144 IAC
Process: Natural

2nd Place – Natural Category
Chapada de Minas Contest

In the picturesque Chapada of Minas region, Santa Catarina Farm, under the stewardship of Ana Angelia Souza Rocha and her family, epitomizes a small yet captivating coffee haven. Spanning 35 hectares, with 15 dedicated to coffee plantations, the farm offers breathtaking views amid a splendid topography. Three enchanting lakes in the valley, surrounded by eucalyptus plantations and natural reserves, create an idyllic habitat for an array of birds. The meticulous harvest, conducted entirely by hand, involves a natural drying process on sunlit patios, with final standardization in the dryer machine. Achieving a humidity level between 11 and 12 percent ensures the microlot, a Red Catuaí 144 IAC processed naturally, attains excellence. The farm's ecological management extends to weed control, preserving natural enemies to enrich soil microbiota. Balanced nutrition, guided by soil analysis and foliar spraying, is supervised by an agronomist and Ana Angelia's son, Dândio. The resulting coffee, a 2nd place winner in the Natural Category at the Chapada de Minas Contest, promises a unique flavor profile marked by vibrant ripe fruit notes and a nuanced sweetness, embodying the family's commitment to sustainable farming and exceptional quality from harvest to cup.