Brazil Fazenda Sequóia

Join us on a journey of 6 unique competition coffees from the Chapada Minas region of Brazil!:
One of our importers conducted a local competition among small farmers to compete with their best lots. These were top 6 highest scoring coffees in the region. These are single bag lots and we'll be listing through each, one by one.
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*Medium Roast

Pulped Natural Yellow Catucaí varietal from the Lima family farm Sequoia Minas in Brazil:

A classic easy-drinking Brazilian profile of bittersweet fudge, toffee, and nut notes like almond and pecan.  Just the right balance of sweetness, roast level, contribute to an approachably mild cup with a satiny mouthfeel. 

This nano lot took 3rd place - pulped natural category - in the Chapada de Minas Contest. Only ripe cherries were handpicked and were then pulped and dried slowly on the African bed in the farm's greenhouse.


The Fazenda farm is in the highest region of Chapada de Minas Gerais, situated between the Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest, enjoying the ideal climate for specialty coffees. The story of Fazenda Sequóia began in 1975 when the first coffee seed was planted in the municipality of Angelândia.

As visitors explore the vast 3,898-hectare farm, they'll discover that 2,692 hectares are carefully preserved, while 1,206 are dedicated to coffee production. It's a territory where the commitment to preservation outweighs the area allocated for production.

The farm is led by the Lima family, who carry on the coffee legacy of Mr. João Alves de Lima, representing the second generation of coffee enthusiasts. In their pursuit of distinctive and high-quality coffee flavors, they cultivate selected Arabica varieties in 53 plots of land. The privileged altitude of Fazenda Sequóia, coupled with its comprehensive infrastructure, covers everything from planting to processing. Each stage in the cultivation of quality coffee is valued, with close monitoring of processes. Over 100 dedicated employees work tirelessly, offering care and continuous training, enhancing the quality with each harvest.

At Fazenda Sequóia, certified practices prioritize nature preservation, respect for the local community, and the betterment of coffee cultivation.


PROCESS pulped natural
REGION minas gerias
Altitude 1300
PRODUCER lima family
VARIETY yellow catucai
PROCESSING pulped natural