Burundi Kayanza Gakenke



Delicate and well rounded - syrupy sweetness with notes of apricot, dried papaya and complex baking spice like clove and anise and mild florals.

Region Gakenke, Kayanza Province
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Drying Method Raised Bed Sun-dried
Cultivar: Bourbon

"Gakenke is a coffee station in Gatara Commune, Kayanza Province of Burundi. Farmers grow mostly older bourbon types, the original coffee cultivar introduced to the area in the 1930s by Catholic monks traveling from the island of Reunion. Gakenke sits at 1675 meters above sea level, and many of the farmers have coffee planted much higher than this. Gakenke is named after a plant that grows wild in the area with thin, hollow stems that are commonly used to drink the locally made banana beer. Gakenke pulls clean water from the Rivubo river that runs alongside the station site. During the harvest season 1,900 local coffee farmers from 22 neighboring villages sell their coffee to Gakenke, where it is processed as fully washed and naturally in whole cherry."

Photo and Quote courtesy of CoffeeShrub