Colombia Natural Caturron

light medium roast:
A wildly expressive cup with tropical fruit salad flavors and a refreshing hibiscus tea snap.
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Naturally processed rare varietal with an exotic flavor profile from the famed Colombia farm, Villa Betulia
A wildly expressive cup with tropical fruit salad flavors and a refreshing hibiscus tea snap.

This showstopper comes from the increasingly sought after Villa Betulia Farm by producer Luis Anibal Claderon and son, Yeison.  It’s a Caturron coffee, a super rare mutation of caturra and only found in Colombia as far as we could tell; with some pretty amazing flavor characteristics. Luis Anibal's commitment to preserving this generational legacy and crafting superior coffee in Huila at Finca Villa Betulia is nothing short of inspiring. They collectively manage the estate, nestled in the idyllic mountains at an elevation of 1550 meters above sea level, where they cultivate over 20 rare and exceptional coffee varieties of which we have proudly roasted several times before.

While further research is needed to fully comprehend the background and potential of caturron, its flavor profile speaks volumes. The cup is rather dynamic across brew methods with some bringing the fruit characteristics in to focus and others bringing out more syrupy and savory aspects  — there's tropical notes of pineapple, raspberry, and strawberry to the refreshing undertones of watermelon to be had. Hibiscus tartness, and sangria nuances complement this inherent fruitiness.

This catturon is a natural processed coffee, only the ripest cherries are harvested, and the meticulous drying process begins. Over a period of up to four weeks, the cherries are carefully dried whole, without removing any fruit, on raised beds under the sun. Regular turning ensures optimal airflow, even drying, and prevents spoilage. Once dried, the cherries rest in conditioning bins until they are ready to be hulled just before shipment.

Colombian coffee holds a distinguished status in the global market, with over half a million families dedicating their livelihoods to its production on small farms across the country's volcanic landscapes. Colombia, the world's third-largest coffee-producing country, boasts unparalleled volume, quality, and variety year-round. With 16 coffee-producing regions spanning three mountain ranges and two harvests annually, Colombia ensures a constant supply of fresh coffee. Experience the essence of Colombian coffee excellence with Finca Villa Betulia's Catturón microlot, where each cup embodies a legacy of craftsmanship, passion, and a profound connection to the land.


REGION acevedo, huila
PRODUCER yeisson calderon | finca villa betuila
VARIETY caturron