Costa Rica Luis Campos Anaerobic Process

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Rich, complex, multi-layered.  Sweet baking spices, hibiscus, fruit jam.  Lush, syrupy mouthfeel.

Owing much to the unique anaerobic processing, this Costa is packed with unique and intense flavor characteristics.

Descriptors for the Costa Rica Louis Campos could go on and on but perhaps the most conspicuous characteristic would be that of Mexican chocolate: sweet cocoa nib, vanilla bean, cinnamon, nutmeg etc.  The balanced acidity and sweet aftertaste of the coffee uses the cinnamon note to bring forth memories of apple pie and apple jacks cereal.

The anaerobic process is hermetically sealed fermentation in low to zero oxygen environment.  A great deal of care is taken in harvesting and attention in processing to Brix measurements, temperature, pressure, time and PH levels among others details.  As fermentation occurs in the sealed tanks pressure builds and drives the sweet coffee cherry juices through the parchment to make greater contact with the coffee seed resulting in unique flavor characteristics.  

REGION tarrazu
ALITITUDE 1600 - 1750
PRODUCER louis eduardo campos
VARIETY caturra
PROCESSING anaerobic natural