Ethiopia Ardi Natural - lil darker

medium / dark roast:
A syrupy and heavy bodied cup with bittersweet cocoa and dark fruit hints.
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The very popular Ethiopia Ardi with a little deeper roast development!
A syrupy and heavy bodied cup with bittersweet cocoa and dark fruit hints. 

Hailing from the Guji Zone in Southern Ethiopia, the approximately 3,000 residents of this area rely on coffee farming as their primary source of income.  Our importer visits and works with this region closely for lots of high end sundried natural coffees worthy of the Ardi name. This year’s harvest of Ardi is bountiful and flavorful thanks to healthy rainfall during the growing season. Combined with the region's fertile soil, optimal growing conditions, fertile land; the farmer's dedication and hard work allows them to consistently deliver a delightful, fruit-forward coffee throughout the year. 

There are few views as striking as a hillside washing station with more than 300 raised beds full of crimson cherries drying in the sun. After small farmers harvest their coffee and bring it to their local mill, hundreds of skillful workers continue to sort out over-ripe and under-ripe cherries. The coffee dries on raised beds for 8-10 days and is rotated every 30 minutes to promote even drying. The time spent on the raised beds is complemented by 2-3 days of final drying on a concrete patio

The name of this coffee, Ardi, draws inspiration from the discovery of Ardipithecus Ramidus, the oldest hominid skeleton ever found. This fossil, affectionately referred to as Ardi, was unearthed in Ethiopia's Great Rift Valley, the same region where the Guji Zone and this exceptional coffee thrive. 


TOWN anasora
REGION sidama
ZONE guji
PROCESS sundried natural
VARIETY heirloom
ALTITUDE 1950 – 2100 m