Ethiopia Asnakech Tagengn

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An Ethiopian Cup of Excellence winner.  This naturally processed coffee has some great florals, nice berry notes and pink lemonade flavor supported with cocoa and a juicy finish.

"Asnakech is a 70-year-old mother of five. She owns a 6.7Ha coffee farm in Seda Kebele, Yirgachefe Wereda of Dedio Zone, SNNP region and grows a 74158 coffee variety. Asknakech processes natural coffee. She is inspired by the female Cup of Excellence winners’ accomplishments last year. She is participating for the first time but she says coffee is very important in her family and added, “I could say I was raised by coffee”."

Here is a link to a great write up on Asnakech:

The Cup of Excellence is a prestigious international competition that recognizes and rewards the highest quality coffee produced by farmers around the world. The competition was founded in 1999 by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting specialty coffee and supporting coffee farmers.

The Cup of Excellence competition is conducted in coffee-producing countries, where an international jury of expert cuppers evaluates samples of coffee from different farms. The coffee is scored based on its flavor, aroma, acidity, body, and other factors, and only the top-scoring coffees are awarded the Cup of Excellence.

Winning the Cup of Excellence can significantly increase the value and demand for a farmer's coffee, and it is considered one of the highest honors in the coffee industry. The competition also helps to promote transparency and fair pricing in the coffee supply chain by connecting buyers directly with farmers and providing a platform for the best coffees to be discovered and appreciated by coffee lovers around the world.

producer Asnakech Tagengn Reta
city Yirgachefe
town Gedeo
region SNNPR
variety 74158 
processing Natural