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Ethiopia Guji Uraga Yabitu



It was impossible to resist bringing in another absolutely stellar Ethiopia Guji.  Due to it's sweetness and cup clarity, this is quite handily the highest scoring washed Ethiopian brought in this year.  If you love washed Ethiopian coffees, you definitely want to check this one out.  

The Uraga Yabitu is vibrant, lush and crisp while at the same time being soft and juicy with its approachable complexity.

jasmine florals | cane sugar | spiced sweet tea | bergamot | lemon drop candy

You won't regret letting this one come down to room temp as the cup really opens up as it cools.

REGION kebele yabitu koba, woreda uraga
ZONE guji
VARIETY heirloom
ALTITUDE 1950-2200m

"The Uraga Woreda is home to some of the highest altitude coffees we buy, many of the farms topping out at 2300 meters above sea level. Altitude plays a role in coffee density, the higher altitude zones slowing rates of maturation, which in turn produces a much denser coffee with higher potential for sweetness and acidity. The village of Yabitu Koba is one of those dizzying altitudinal zones, and where this coffee was pulled from. Hundreds of small-holder farmers, most with less than a hectare of coffee planted, deliver their coffee harvest to the privately-run washing station nearby who produce both wet and dry process coffees. This is one of their fully-washed lots that we selected from a swath of samples during the harvest peak. This is a fully traceable lot, a feat that wasn't possible only a couple years back. Previous to the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange ("ECX") loosening restrictions on who could export coffee, washing stations like this one were required to sell their coffee to the ECX, who in turn would bulk together as "Shakiso Grade 1", or  "Guji Grade 1" coffee. With the new rules, we are now able to buy in a more direct way in Ethiopia which provides an added layer of transparency, not to mention, coffee provenance."

 *Photo and quote credit CoffeeShrub