Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Mengesha Blueberry

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Those may not be the droids you are looking for ... But if you've been looking for an Ethiopian with blueberry notes, this is the one!

A very balanced and nicely fruited dry processed coffee from hot to cool. 
Plentiful floral aromatics, blueberry, blackberry, ripe strawberry, huckleberry, citrus accent with a cocoa background finish.

While we're calling this coffee "Mengesha Farm" singular, using the plural, "farms", is a bit more accurate. Yirga Cheffe coffee farmer Tariku Mengesha has a few small coffee farms scattered throughout the kebele of Chelchele, totaling just under 13 hectares between them. When he's not managing the farms with his 10 children, Tariku operates a few other washing stations and processing sites, buying and processing coffee cherry from the hundreds of small holder farmers in the areas he operates. This lot is made up of only his personal farm coffee, and is dry process, meaning the seed is dried inside the whole cherry. This is the oldest processing method, and often leads to fruitier cup flavors, big body, and rounded acidity (certainly can be said for this lot!). The Mengesha farms span an altitude range of 2020 to 2100 meters above sea level, extremely high for any coffee origin! High altitude slows maturation and increases coffee bean density, which correlates to higher probability of sweetness and acidity, and also can affect the size of the beans.

Region Chelchele, Yirga Cheffe
Processing Dry Process (Natural)
Drying Method Raised Bed Sun-Dried
Cultivar Detail Heirloom Cultivars
Grade Grade 1
Farm gate purchasing program = more money for the producers

content courtesy of coffeeshrub