Kenya Kiambu

$16.75 - $74.75


Sweet. Bright. Complex. Juicy.

Tropical fruit | Black currant | Cocoa |  Lemon-lime



Region: Kiambu

Altitude: 1650-1700

Producer: Komothai Coffee Growers Cooperative

Cultivar: SL 28 and SL 34

Process: Washed

"The Komothai Coffee Growers Cooperative Society is made up of 13 “factories,” as they’re called locally. Farmers belonging to the co-op selectively handpicked red, ripe cherries and delivered them to the wet mill the same day. The parchment was fermented for 8 to 12 hours — encouraging the umami flavor Kenya’s coffees are often associated with — and then washed and sun dried slowly on raised platforms until the moisture content fell to between 10 and 12 percent"