Kenya Ngomano

light roast:
Sweet, juicy and complex Kenyan offering from the Ngomano coffee factory in Machakos county, Kenya. Nice cocoa nib note with tropical juiciness like citrus, mango, plum and fig.
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Sweet, juicy and complex Kenyan offering from the Ngomano coffee factory in Machakos county, Kenya. 

Nice cocoa nib note with  tropical juiciness like citrus, mango, plum and fig.

Nestled in the heart of Machakos County, Kenya, the Ngomano Coffee Factory promises a truly distinctive coffee experience. Perched at an elevation of 1,700-1,800 meters above sea level, the red volcanic soil of this region not only fosters the growth of exceptional coffee but also contributes to the thriving mango, avocado, and maize crops that define the local landscape. Revel in the harmonious blend of flavors found in this exceptional Kenyan coffee, boasting notes of cocoa nib, plum, mango, and fig. Each sip unfolds a tropical symphony that captivates the senses, balancing a medium body with lovely brightness and providing a juicy cup enriched with vibrant citrus notes.

The Ngomano Coffee Factory benefits from a region steeped in history and blessed with fertile volcanic soil. The altitude and terroir contribute to the unique character of this coffee, boasting the prestigious SL-28, SL-34, and Ruiru 11 varietals. Developed for resilience, cup quality, and high yield at altitude, this coffee undergoes meticulous washed processing involving sorting, de-pulping, fermentation, washing, and sun-drying on raised beds to ensure the beans reach their full potential.

Operated by the Ngomano Farmers' Cooperative Society & Factory, this coffee is a testament to the collaborative efforts of over 600,000 smallholder farmers. The cooperative model ensures traceability and quality control, upholding the high standards of Kenyan coffee. Harvested from October to December, these beans embody the essence of the region, with a moisture content of 11.60% reflecting meticulous harvesting, processing, and drying methods.

Kenyan coffees, renowned for their outstanding quality, embody a rich tapestry of flavors and distinct characteristics that elevate them to the status of specialty-grade beans. The flavor profile of these coffees is a sensory delight, marked by bright acidity, a full-bodied richness, and a nuanced medley of notes such as blackcurrant, citrus, berries, and even hints of a wine-like complexity. The Arabica varieties, notably SL-28 and SL-34, crafted by Scott Agricultural Laboratories, contribute significantly to the unique taste that defines Kenyan coffees. Grown at high altitudes ranging between 1,400 to 2,100 meters above sea level, Kenyan coffee beans benefit from the cooler temperatures and slower cherry maturation, factors that contribute to the development of the intricate flavors that coffee enthusiasts cherish. The meticulous washed processing method, a common practice, ensures that the beans maintain a clean, bright, and vibrant quality in each cup. Beyond the cup, the emphasis on single-origin and traceability adds a layer of transparency, allowing consumers to connect with the story behind their coffee. Whether sourced through direct trade or cooperative models like Farmers Cooperative Societies (FCS), these practices promote fair wages, sustainable farming methods, and community development initiatives, fostering a holistic approach to coffee production.