Kenya Nyeri Kagumo AB

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Light to light/medium roast.

An exemplary sweet, bright and juicy offering from the Nyeri region.

Cola-like character, raspberry/pomegranate notes, citrus and complex spices with a sweet raw sugar finish.


The Kagumo coffee factory is a coffee processing facility located in the Nyeri region of Kenya. It is operated by the Kagumo Farmers Cooperative Society, which is made up of over 1,600 smallholder coffee farmers in the area. The factory processes coffee cherries that are harvested from the surrounding farms, capable of producing some of the world's highest quality coffee.

The Kagumo Farmers Cooperative Society is committed to promoting sustainable and socially responsible coffee production practices. They work closely with their members to provide training and resources on topics such as organic farming, soil conservation, and water management. They also operate a number of community development programs, including education and health initiatives, to support the well-being of their members and their families.

ORIGIN kenya
REGION nyeri
FARM Aguthi Farmer's Cooperative Society
PROCESS washed


This coffee is part of our importer's direct trade coffee buying program.

The "Farm Gate" pricing is a unique pricing model that aims to create a more direct and fair relationship between coffee buyers and farmers. Instead of buying coffee through a middleman or cooperative, coffee is purchased directly from individual farmers, paying them a premium price that reflects the true cost of producing high-quality coffee.

Farm Gate pricing takes into account factors such as the cost of production, labor, and the quality of the coffee. By working directly with farmers, we're able to build long-term relationships with them, supporting sustainable and socially responsible coffee production practices.

The name "Farm Gate" reflects the idea that farmers are able to sell their coffee directly, without having to go through a middleman or cooperative. This helps to ensure that the farmers receive a fair price (far above fairtrade prices) for their coffee, while also encouraging them to produce high-quality beans.