Mexico Finca Cerro Azul - Aced Lot


Next roast date is 10/03

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*The Cerro Azul is set to be roasted on Mondays. 

94 points by coffeereview "Fruit-saturated, sweetly fermenty. Concord grape, dark chocolate, vanilla orchid, wine barrel, tangerine zest in aroma and cup. Brightly sweet-tart structure with juicy acidity; very full, satiny mouthfeel. Fruit-toned finish with notes of wine barrel into the long."


This very special coffee is part of cafe import's Aced coffee program.  To be an Aced coffee, it must be a standout cup of the highest quality in the sensory lab that remarkedly impresses everyone.  The Finca Cerra Azul is an absolute highlight coffee from Mexico.  These aced coffees are specially packaged in smaller grainpro bags to further preserve quality.  This program rewards growers with substantially higher premiums and showcases their meticulous efforts and skillful production.

Exceptional coffees like this can prove to be a challenge to find from Mexico, however producer Feliciano Adame was up to the challenge. His farm, Cerro Azul, is situated on the southeast coast of Mexico in the Guerrero region near the city of Atoyec De Álvarez. This area, although lower in elevation, is very tropical and diverse benefitting the coffee. The combination of humidity, rains, shade, and nutrient-rich soil results in sugar-dense cherries that are then processed meticulously by Feliciano and his team.

This coffee was dry-fermented anaerobically [low exposure to oxygen] with great care and attention for 36 hours and then dried with the cherry skin and pulp intact for the following 15 days.

country Mexico
region Guerrero
farm Finca Cerro Azul
variety Bourbon, Typica, Oro Azteca
altitude 1,100 m
process Anaerobic Natural


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