Mexico Nayarit Natural



So fresh and approachable, Nayarit was an easy standout in the most recent blind evaluation. 

Yep, still talking about a coffee, but what meant by 'approachable'? 

Some coffees can be super complex and intense; so much so that they demand to be slowly sipped and savored.  Not to say the Nayarit doesn't have its pleasing nuances, they are just more balanced in a refreshing package, making it pleasing right off the bat and so easy to drink.  e.g. A 30 year fine scotch v a fresh IPA. 

As the coffee was being brewed a variety of ways for evaluation, every single time the cup was completely finished.  [always a good sign] This was then followed by multiple subconscious, albeit fruitless, attempts to drink more from the same cup. 

The Nayarit, though great hot immediately after brewing, would also be a great candidate for iced coffee and coldbrews.

The Nayarit is a fresh cup with citrus juice, hibiscus tea, sweet ripe red fruits, and chocolate.

PRODUCER SOCIETIES astal, tambor, cafeico, riviera, procaa
COMMUNITIES la yerba, huaynamota, el cuarenteno, cordon del jilguero 
VARIETAL caturra, mundo novo, typica, bourbon, catuai
PROCESS natural
ALTITUDE 480-1020 m
DRY MILL duende