Papua New Guinea Kindeng Natural

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*medium roast
very versatile for all brew methods

A lovely natural process from the Wahgi Valley. The Kindeng brews up nice and sweet with a winey fruit snap and
cherry, berry, molasses, and dark chocolate flavors in an encompassing smooth and heavy mouthfeel.


COUNTRY papua new guinea
REGION western highlands
FARM various smallholder farmers
VARIETY typica, arusha, bourbon
ALTITUDE 1520-1770 m
PROCESS natural

This coffee originates from the Kindeng Dry Mill, situated in the Jikawa province of Papua New Guinea. It is a skillful blend crafted from cherries acquired from approximately 1500 individual smallholders residing in the Kindeng and Arufa municipalities. The average size of farms in this region spans around 1-2 hectares, with the soil composition primarily consisting of sandy loam and loamy clay.

Upon arrival at the mill, the cherries undergo meticulous processing before being carefully dried on raised beds and canvasses. Throughout the span of about a month, the cherries are consistently shifted several times each day to ensure a uniform and optimal moisture content across the entire batch. Once the coffee cherries have achieved proper drying, they are placed into bags and stored within a cool, dry warehouse. Following this, the coffee undergoes hulling, milling, and preparation for its eventual export.