Peru Wilder Garcia

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*Light/Medium Roast

From producer Wilder Garcia, this Peruvian coffee is bright and captivating. Offering notes of peach, juicy pear, zesty citrus, soft honey sweetness with crisp undertones of green grape that add a unique layer of complexity to the overall profile.

country PERU
altitude 1800 M
process WASHED

Wilder Garcia places great emphasis on nurturing the well-being of his coffee trees, fostering a strong connection with their health. Nestled at an elevation of 1800 meters above sea level, his 23-hectare farm benefits from an optimal climate perfectly suited for cultivating high-quality Arabica coffee. Within this expanse of land, 16 hectares are dedicated to the growth of diverse Arabica varietals.

Six years ago, Wilder initiated the implementation of a Tissue Management System (TMS) on his coffee farm, aiming to achieve a harmonious balance of productivity. This system operates on a two-year cycle and is strategically applied in designated blocks. The cultivation of Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Geisha, and Java varietals thrives here, with their tissue management primarily influenced by the structural form of the trees. Additionally, in 2020, Wilder undertook the renovation of four hectares, introducing new coffee plants into the farm's vibrant ecosystem.

Following the harvest, the cherries undergo depulping on the same day and are subsequently fermented for 48 hours in hermetic tanks before commencing the drying process in solar dryers. Annually, the farm yields approximately 720 quintals of parchment, equivalent to 46 kilograms of green coffee beans per quintal.

Makes for a super tasty pour over/drip or a bright small-cup espresso.