Rwanda Rubavu Rwinyoni

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Coffees grown around the lake kivu area can be a bit of a gamble with the 'potato defect'.  Often times samples will be brought in with absolutely stunning cups and then actual bag arrivals with have the notorious potato flavor kind of hinted at in almost every cup. It can feel like a bait and switch.

I am very pleased to say that during all the profiling, not a bit of potato flavor has been detected.  This isn't to say that there may not be a spud cup here or there (it is from the area after all), but so far I've been really happy with this coffee.  [tip.  smell before you brew, it will let you know if you hit a spudsmckensie]

It's an immensely enjoyable coffee.  From hot to cool, it's a very well balanced and approachable cup with a kind of caramel/butterscotchy sweetness that is well complimented with a really nice black lemon tea note that offers some liveliness.  As far as cupping notes go, it'd be undoubtedly taking it to far to put cinnamon roll on there, but there's some reminiscence of such going on there.

A very well balanced Rwanda with complex sweetness, lemon tea, baking spices and dried fruit

Country: rwanda
Region: rubavu
Farm: smallholder farmers
Variety: bourbon
Altitude: 1500+ m
Process: washed

"This coffee comes from the Rwinyoni washing station is located near the eastern shores of Lake Kivu, in Rwanda's Rubavu district. They are currently buying from nearly 1,000 small farmers in this region, some with trees planted near the 1500 meter wet mill, and others much higher up the surrounding sloped terrain. This is a wet process lot, where the coffee cherry is pulped of the outer fruit before being fermented over night to remove all of the sticky exterior mucilage from the seed within. Once all of the fruit is washed away in long, cement washing channels, it is transferred to raised drying tables where it will dry for upwards of 10 days, until down to around 10% moisture. Like all of Rwanda, farmers here grown old Bourbon cultivars, known for its favorable cup quality when grown at high altitudes. It's worth noting that Rwinyoni won Cup of Excellence in its first year of operation with one of their dry process lots."

photo and quote courtesy of coffeeshrub