Sumatra Karo Mandheling - 'lil darker

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*Medium Dark Roast
A darker roast profile on the quintessential heavy-bodied giling basah processed mandheling. 91 point evaluation:

"Sweetly earthy, floral-toned. Pipe tobacco, jasmine, pink grapefruit zest, pistachio, plum in aroma and cup.
Gently tart acidity; crisp, creamy mouthfeel. Richly smoky, sweetly nutty finish."

The wet-hulled coffee process, also known as "Giling Basah" in Indonesia where it is commonly practiced, is a unique method of processing coffee beans that involves removing the outer layer of the coffee cherry and drying the beans to a moisture content of around 50% before hulling them.

The process begins with the freshly harvested coffee cherries being pulped to remove the outer skin and fruit, leaving behind the inner parchment layer surrounding the bean. The parchment-coated beans are then fermented for a brief period, usually a day or two, to break down some of the sticky mucilage that still surrounds them.

At this point, instead of being fully dried, the partially dried beans are sent to a mill to be hulled, a process that removes the parchment layer and the remaining mucilage. This process is done when the beans still have a high moisture content, around 30-50%, which is much higher than the moisture content of fully washed or natural processed beans. This high moisture content and the removal of the parchment layer together result in a unique flavor profile in the finished coffee, which is often described as earthy, spicy, and full-bodied.

After hulling, the beans are sun-dried on patios or raised beds until they reach a moisture content of around 12%, which is the standard moisture level for green coffee beans. Finally, the dried beans are sorted and prepared for export.

Wet-hulled coffee is a common processing method in Indonesia, particularly in Sumatra, and it is also used in other parts of Southeast Asia. The process is known for its distinct flavor profile and the fact that it can produce high-quality coffee even in areas with high humidity and rainfall, which can make other processing methods difficult

country   Sumatra
region   Paranginan, Humbahas Province - Karo Highlands
farm   Various Smallholder Farmers
variety   Tim Tim, Catimor, Lasuna
altitude   1100-1350 masl
proc. method   Wet-Hulled/Giling Basah

*Medium Dark roast