Sumatra Lake Toba

$19.75 - $83.75


Are you looking for a change of pace from the super acidic fruit-bomb offerings? Something that is deep and smooth without being boring?  Something great black, but that would also go well with cream? A actual stellar Sumatran offering rather than the oh-so-prevalent Sumatran that tastes like burnt old shoe?  Look no further...

Our importer's Reserve Lot Sumatran. This select reserve offering is produced by indigenous small-lot farmers from around Lake Toba, the largest volcanic crater lake in the world.  It shares some of the quintessential character of the region: dense mouthfeel, low-acid fruits with earthy flavors, due in large part to the typical processing of the region, Giling Basah.  This particular Sumatran, however, distinguishes itself in adding some impressive sweetness, complexity and cup cleanness to the traditional profile.

An alluring Sumatran with buttery body, smooth mouthfeel, rustic sugars, classic Indo-foresty notes, clove, masala spices, green herb, and baker's chocolate

ORIGIN sumatra
REGION lake toba
PRODUCER small holder farmers
CULTIVARS typica, jember etc
PROCESS wet hulled