Sumatra Tujuh Honey Process



A fruit-forward honey process from the Tujuh cooperative.

Heavy bodied with syrupy sweetness, dried fruit notes, slight earthiness and hints of basil and sweet bell pepper.


This is the first honey processed from Sumatra Revel has offered.  Typically, coffee from Sumatra is processed via 'giling basha', often wet coffee isn't transported and stored with the best of care.  Frankly, giling basah (aka wet hulled) typically doesn't yield the cleanest tasting coffee, but some people absolutely love the earthy muskiness in those coffees.

However, the 'honey process' is kind of a light dry-process if you will.  Rather than drying everything on patios like in a dry process, the coffee first goes through a mechanical demucilager which removes the out layer of skin but leaves some of the fruit intact.

Processing: Honey Process

Drying Method: Patio Sun-Dried

Cultivar:  Typica

Photo courtesty of coffeeshrub