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Vietnam Lotus



The Vietnam Lotus is a lower acidity, heavier bodied cup with notes of chocolate ganache, hint of allspice and Werther's Original caramel candy.

Many are looking for a lower acidity coffee that still has great cup clarity and cleanness.  One that has classic coffee character without tasting dirty or rubbery.  A smooth coffee that works with or without cream.  Look no further.

Vietnam is one of the largest coffee producing countries seconded only by Brazil; between the two countries they produce more than half of the world's coffee.  You've likely had coffee from Vietnam before, however it was probably at an old gas station or from a crusty church basement percolator ... so odds are that it wasn't the best flavor experience.  This is due in large part that the primary crop in Vietnam is the robusta species of coffee which tends to have significantly lower cup quality but is high yielding and cheap for the mega roasting companies.  The Lotus, however, is 100% arabica that has clearly been grown and processed with care. 

REGION lam dong
FARM select small holders
VARIETAL catimor
PROCESS fully washed
ALTITUDE 1400-1600 m

From our importer:

"Good quality cherries from selected farms are harvested during the season and pulped in environmental friendly Colombian Penagos machinery which has the capability of separating out green cherries and inferior quality cherries.

Coffee is fermented & washed with careful monitoring at each stage of processing to ensure that the intrinsic quality of the beans are retained during the process. The dried parchment are conditioned and stored in our warehouse in cool environment of Lam Dong and later hulled just in time for shipment ensuring that quality & freshness of the coffee is retained.

The coffee originates from a select cluster of farms from the Caudat Village, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. Caudat is a beautiful mountainous region lined with pine forests, lakes, waterfalls, coffee and tea gardens located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Grown at 1,400 to 1,600 meters, the region is blessed with year-round cool weather and fertile volcanic soil, providing an ideal microclimate for growing outstanding quality. Coffee cultivation began in this region in the 1850’s and has been continued for generations by Vietnam farmers."