Yemen Mokha Matari

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Through the year, we always keep an eye out for stellar coffees from Yemen.  The flavors and complexity that are possible are strictly unique to the area.  We were fortunate to snag some of this nicely fruited and complex Yemen this year: The special reserve Mokha Matari.

A complex quintessential natural Yemen.  Velvety juicy mouthfeel with fruited sweetness and notes of milk chocolate, sandalwood, dried apricot, baked apple, banana, dried berries and chai spice notes throughout.

ORIGIN yemen
REGION bani matari
VARIETY heirloom yemenia
ALTITUDE 1,700 - 2,300m
PROCESS natural, dried on patio raised beds

Matari is one of the few coffees from the growing regions surrounding the high-altitudes of Sana'a that was traditionally kept separate. All others were mixed to form "Sana'ani coffee" with decidedly mixed outcomes. But coffee in Bani Matari is a bit different, tall old-growth trees that appear like a fruit orchard than a typical coffee farm (well, NO coffee production in Yemen looks like a coffee farm anywhere else!).

This lot was secured through Fatoum Muslot, who took over the family coffee business started by her father back in the 1950s. They've long exported Yemeni coffee, and since Fatoum has started managing the group, she has worked to implement practices such as more stringent hand sorting and using Ecotact storage bags in order to directly affect their coffee's overall quality. We're quite pleased with the physical condition of both coffees we bought from Fatoum this year, the lack of underripe coffee and shipping in Ecotact liners has really benefitted the resulting cup quality.

During their long history in the coffee trade they've forged longstanding connections with farming groups in several growing regions, and because of these connections, are able to buy coffee in a more direct way. This lot is made up of coffee from roughly 100 farmers in Bani Matari, who on average have 1000 trees planted on less than 1/2 hectare of land. Altitude is extremely high, starting around 2000 meters and stretching upwards of 2400 meters above sea level. This It's been a few years now since we've picked up Yemeni coffee, not necessarily by choice, but mainly due to the difficulties exporting from a country at war. The situation there is still quite dire, and we're amazed that anything is making it out of the country.

media courtesy of coffeeshrub