Brazil Minas Gerais

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Single origin offerings from Brazil are pretty rare from Revel - last one was maybe almost 5 years ago.  So many Brazilian coffees can be terribly boring at best and taste like burnt rubber-bands at their worst.  Often times they are sourced to serve a purpose in a blend.  However, the Brazil Minas Gerais shines on its own. 

While there are definitely some objective standards of quality in coffee, there are also some subjective preferences.  One person may love a super bright and complex Kenyan but another may person may not enjoy that same Kenyan and would prefer a more rustic/classic coffee-coffee.  The Brazil Minas Gerais is just that.  While it won't win any awards or break any scoring records, it's not supposed to, it doesn't need to and you don't want it to.  It's always super nice to have a complex, intricately nuanced, fruit-bomb coffee with high acidity, but sometimes you just want a good solid drinking coffee. 

The Brazil Minas Gerais is smooth and mild with tasting notes of reese's pieces, raisinettes, and nut butters.

PROCESS natural
REGION cerrado mineiro
Altitude 1200
PRODUCER: 12 local producers
VARIETY mundo novo, catuai, topazio etc