Colombia Washed Nitro Caturra

light roast:
95 Point Review! "Delicately sweet, richly perfumed. Watermelon candy, lychee, magnolia... Balanced, bright acidity; very full, creamy mouthfeel. Resonant finish centers notes of watermelon candy..."
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Yet another absolute stunner from Colombia

 Julio skillfully ferments his caturra varietal with select starter cultures in nitrogen flushed containers.
Resulting in remarkable melon flavors of watermelon, cucumber and guava.

This coffee is the practical definition of a standout coffee.  The sweet melon flavors are conspicuous and deliciously incorporated and balanced in the cup. All of these components translate rather nicely into espresso extraction as well for a very unique and remarkable espresso.

Meet Julio Cesar Madrid Tisnes, a third-generation coffee grower at Finca Milan, a 250-hectare estate with a rich coffee-growing history spanning over 40 years. Finca Milan, located in the central foothills of the Andes Mountains within the Risaralda Department of Colombia, is renowned for producing award-winning coffees.

Julio is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of coffee processing, and we're thrilled to be able to roast and offer his nitro-washed Caturra micro-lot. This unique nitro washed coffee is a result of Julio's innovative fermentation protocols.

In the nitro-washed process, ripe coffee cherries undergo embryonic stress, maintaining their temperature at 12 degrees to ensure optimal conditions for further processing. After pulping, the beans are placed in a bioreactor, inoculated with specific strains of yeast and bacteria for controlled fermentation. Nitrogen is injected to facilitate microbial metabolic processes, closely monitoring temperature, acidity, and Brix degrees throughout. Following bioreactor treatment, the coffee beans are solar-dried to 40% moisture, then transferred to mechanical dryers until reaching 10%-12% moisture. The coffee undergoes a 45-day resting period in the warehouse before hulling and export preparation.

Finca Milan's unique location in Vereda El Hogar, near the Los Nevados Natural National Park, provides an ideal climate at 1600 meters above sea level with temperatures ranging from 18–28°C year-round. The farm focuses on growing varieties like Castillo, Colombia, Caturra, Catiope, Pink Bourbon, and Red Bourbon. It is the second-largest farm in Café UBA, an alliance of farms in Risaralda.

Julio Madrid's dedication to quality extends beyond traditional varieties. He explores rare coffee varieties, such as Sudan Rume, Laurina, and others, known for their complex cup profiles. Julio's daughter, Maria Antonia Madrid, a biologist, contributes to the farm's success by researching the organoleptic impact of microbial starter cultures in coffee fermentation, aiding in continuous improvement.  This meticulous process results in a truly exceptional coffee experience.

REGION pereira, risarald
PRODUCER julio cesar madrid tisnes
VARIETY caturra
PROCESSING culturing nitro fermentation washed