Ethiopia Wush Wush

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The much-awaited Wush Wush has landed!

The Wush Wush was named one of the top 10 coffees of 2020 by Coffee Review with a score of 96 points:

"Richly aromatic, levitatingly high-toned. Lychee, passionfruit, dark chocolate, candied violet, sage in aroma and cup. Layered sweet-tart-savory structure with juicy, vibrant acidity; full, syrupy mouthfeel. The resonant finish centers around lychee, dark chocolate and sage."

Thanks to the favorable reception of the previous crop, the producers were able to put even more resources into selection, sorting and processing.  And it shows in the cup.  All of the intense and exotic flavors are present in an even more balanced and rounded way than memory serves of the previous.  The extra quality efforts paid off as it presents more uniformly and is even surprisingly easier to control in the roaster.

Thank you for all of your phone calls, emails, and messages while we waited its arrival.  Global shipping logics have significantly been impacted by the pandemic.  Among many challenges, a mix of backlog, logistic route changes, shipping container shortages, canal blockages, and dock worker shortages all added some extra time to its journey from Ethiopia.  But #worththewait

The Wush Wush encompasses the entirety of the palate with amazing intensity and balanced syrupy body and fruit juice acidity.  Of all the various floral and fruit notes one can pick out, the one that seems to come to the forefront the most as the cup cools is watermelon taffy.  The finish is lasting and sweet, like a dehydrated fruit leather snack.

Not only due to skillful growing, this coffee likely owes much of the unique flavor to its special processing and a 120 hour low oxygen fermentation - long!   The heirloom coffee was collected from small farmers growing at an elevation of 1900 meters in the Sidama region and milled by the Kerchanshe washing station.