light / medium roast:
Berries | Stone Fruits | Taffy | Tangerine | Cocoa-toned citrus in a resonant finish.
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espresso in mind, but great across all brew methods

Cleanly fruit toned, deep, complex, slight spice with buttery mouthfeel. 

Berries | Stone Fruits | Taffy | Tangerine  | Cocoa-toned citrus in a resonant finish. 

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"Evaluated as espresso. Bright, floral, spice-toned. Spearmint, black cherry, cedar, tangerine zest, plumeria-like flowers in aroma and small cup. Plush and buttery in mouthfeel. Flavor consolidates to cocoa-toned citrus in a resonant finish. In three parts milk, an elegant cocoa surfaces, with supporting notes of sweet flowers and a hint of pungent cedar."

Ethiospro is a blend composed of naturally processed (aka dry processed) heirloom cultivars carefully grown and processed by various smallholder farmers in the Shakiso, Guji, Oromia, Sidama regions of Ethiopia at elevations between 1800-2200 meters.