Sumatra Anaerobic Kerinci

medium roast:
distinct, clean and well-defined cup with a flavorsome profile of brown sugar, sweet cream, and baking spice.
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Implementing an anaerobic washed process near Mount Kerinci, this coffee results in a distinct, clean and well-defined cup with a flavorsome profile of brown sugar, sweet cream, and baking spice.

Introducing a lovely anaerobic washed Sumatran from Kerinci, a region revered for its unique processing methods and distinctive terroir. Produced by the Pendekar group near Mount Kerinci, this coffee presents a departure from the typical fruit-forward profiles often associated with anaerobic processing. Instead, it boasts a balanced blend of rustic sweetness, dark rooty herbs, and seamlessly integrated dried fruit notes.

What makes this coffee stand out is its meticulous processing method. The cherries undergo anaerobic fermentation, a process where they are sealed in airtight barrels for several days. This fermentation, coupled with the unique microclimate of the region, results in a flavor profile that is both complex and nuanced. After fermentation, the cherries are depulped and carefully washed to remove any remaining mucilage. They are then laid to dry on raised beds until they reach an optimal moisture level of 11-12%.

The flavor journey begins with the dry fragrance, which reveals notes of brown rice syrup, dried date, and hints of dark cola. Upon adding water, the aroma transforms, releasing inviting scents of cooked sugar sweetness and caramel flan. In the cup, expect a delightful interplay of flavors, including brown sugar, sweet cream, and a subtle hint of nutmeg, reminiscent of the cozy warmth of pumpkin pie.

This coffee originates from the Gunung Tujuh and Kayu Aro areas, situated at higher elevations around Mount Kerinci. These regions benefit from the rich volcanic soil and favorable climatic conditions, which contribute to the coffee's exceptional quality. Sourced from approximately 450 farmers who are part of a cooperative in the area, this coffee is a testament to their dedication and expertise. Each cup reflects the meticulous care and attention to detail that goes into its production.

country   Sumatra
region   Kerinci, Jambi Province
farm   Various Smallholder Farmers
variety   Typica, Jember, S-795, Lini-S
altitude   1400 - 1500 m
proc. method   Washed Anaerobic