Hinterland Blend

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A heavy bodied, deep and rich blend of washed and natural coffees from Africa and the Americas with notes of bakers chocolate, molasses, and sweet red-fruit snap from the wush wush.

The Hinterland blend seeks to capture the best of a deeper notes from a darker roast with the best of a lighter. 

This blend starts with Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopian coffees roasted much darker than our usual fare - deep enough to fully develop all those deeper flavors without introducing excessive roast tones. The bright, heavily fruited lighter roasted Ethiopia Wush Wush is then blended in to fill in those top notes that are often missing in the purely darker roasted coffees.

"If the Montana hinterlands were coffee, it would be a rich and complex blend of flavors that transport you to a remote and unexplored region. Deep, earthly, wild, with hints of spices and wild fruits that evoke the natural beauty of the hinterlands. The taste would be bold and adventurous, with notes of dark chocolate and smoky wood that reflect the rugged terrain and untamed wilderness. Drinking hinterlands coffee would be like embarking on a journey of discovery, exploring the unknown and savoring every moment of the experience."

This blend is great black, but also plays real nice with cream/milk.

ORIGIN brazil, colombia, ethiopia
VARIETY various
ALTITUDE 1900-2100 M
PROCESS natural and washed
PRODUCER multiple