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Honduras El Cachimbon Natural



Smooth and heavy bodied dry processed coffee with notes of honey sweetness, grapefruit accent that turns to grape on the cool with a caramello finish.

ORIGIN honduras
REGION san andres lempira
ALTITUDE 1600-1675 m
PRODUCER Porfilio Lopez
VARIETY lempira and ih cafe 90
PROCESS washed

"Finca el Cachimbon is in the San Andreas, Lempira area of Western Honduras. Owned by Porfilio Lopez, El Cachimbon has 17 hectares, 15 of which are cultivated. San Andreas is a small municipality within the state of Lempira, with a population of 15,000 people primarily involved in the cultivation of coffee. This farm is currently in its second season of the LIFT program, which is a five-year sustainability program designed to increase crop yield and coffee quality at the producer level.

The farm sits between 1,600 and 1,675 meters above sea level, with an average temperature of 71 degrees and grows Lempira and LH Cafe 90. Both varieties were developed in Honduras with the aim of fighting diseases like rust and coffee berry borer, and are based originally on catimor, but were selected for their quality while still being very hardy.

Sr. Lopez, who goes by Lito, is a charismatic person, a local leader, and has been a strong advocate for LIFT in his community. When asked what he sees as the main benefit of LIFT is, he replies, “I like that there are commitments that all the members must fulfill, and access to technical assistance has had great impact in my farm.”

Mr. Lopez processes his own coffee after picking only red ripe cherries, and pays particular attention to the washing, fermentation and drying of their coffees to create exceptional coffee. Because of his standing in the community he is able to hire the same people each year, which aids in quality improvement."